Welcome to PPL Quiz. This online database is designed as a study aid for those preparing for their PPL ground examinations or for the enthusiastic pilot who wants to brush up on their knowledge.

The database consists of over 4000 questions which are related to the EASA PPL and UK IMC rating examinations.

Questions are selected from each category in a randomly order ensuring a different set of questions every time a category is selected.

The quiz consists of graphical representation with online test scoring / results and time limitation.

The PPL student has the facility of being able to recall past attempts to be able to see how they are progressing.


There are 10 examination categories:

  • Air Law
  • Operations Procedures
  • Meteorology
  • Flight Performance & Planning
  • Aircraft General
  • Principles of Flight
  • Navigation & Radio Navigation
  • Human Performance & Limitations
  • Radiotelephony Communications
  • The IMC Rating